Choreography, Repairs, and Writing…

It has been an eventful month so far!

November began with a vegance as I embarked on creating a portion of the choreography for a musical called \”The Torn Veil.\” So far it has been an amazing, daunting, and humbling experience. With a group of dancers ranging from experienced to \”just decided I want to dance,\” creating choreography for this group has been an interesting challenge. It has, however, been rewarding to see my novice dancers improve on a weekly basis. The real challenges are defining a standard of excellence with such a diverse group and creating dances that reflect someone else\’s vision. This is one of the most involved experiences of my career.

As only the second year in my \”new\” (new to me) 30+-year-old home, things starting going wrong. It began with the demise of my AC unit in July and has now spread to the bathroom. Rotting floorboards apparently led to a a leak and what appears to be the icing on a very expensive year.

In addition to my usual articles for, my latest projects are a poetry book in the works and polishing my novel. Please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!

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