Too late to back out now…

So said one of my fellow choreographers last night as we walked into the studio with twenty little ones, just as many parents and a hoard of dancers waiting to give Act I of \”The Torn Veil\” a full run. Suddenly, the large practice space did not seem to large anymore and I sensed that the din was giving us both a case of the butterflies. In stepped our capable director Nicole with whistle in hand and everything immediately came to a halt.

The show (as I was informed last night) actually only runs about an hour and a half which was perfectly believable considering we had time enough to run Act I several times last night. This may be a relief to non-dancer friends and family who are just coming to support the performers. Judging by the quality of performance I saw last night, however, I would bet that it will likely leave the audience hungry for more.

As I mentioned before, we had a choreographer drop out of the show and three others stepped in to take her place choreographing African, Ballet, and crump pieces for the show. (Note: crump is a \”jerky\” form of hip hop… both dance forms evolving from African) It was really exciting to sit down and watch the new choreographers\’ work. They were fantastic!

We watched enthralled and mystified by the fluidity and expressiveness of the African dancers. Their choreographer is extremely talented and gracious. Fortunately for us she is also dancing in the show. I think several of us will be taking her classes when they start up in the summer.
The neat thing about seeing crump in this show is that it ads a harsh element where necessary. It takes place in the temptation scene and fits extremely well. Interesting tidbit about our crump dancers: they are all Ballet dancers as well. One of the dancers was actually the prince in The Nutcracker at Christmas and they all dance several styles throughout the show. It is awesome to see such versatile dancers!

The show is coming up very quickly. Thank you all for your support and I hope to see you there!

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