Book Review: Faithful by Kim Cash Tate

Cyd Sanders is a successful, independent Christian woman who is unable to squelch her desire to be married. On the eve of her 40th birthday and her (much) younger sister’s wedding, that desire seems even more hopeless than ever. Her best friends Dana and Phyllis are married with children but their lives and marriages are not as perfect as they might seem on the outside. Dana’s marriage is marred by infidelity and Phyllis begins to distance herself from her nonbeliever husband. Faithful follows the trials and tribulations of these three friends as they fight to put faith and family first in the midst of it all.

The problems these women face are very realistic as are their characters. Appropriately they all come to the conclusion that, although, people are unpredictable and unreliable, God is Faithful.
It is possible to see where this book would be a comfort to women facing similar ordeals. The language is very readable and there is a clear message of faith.
Unfortunately, many of the descriptions seem to bog down the story progression a bit. It almost seems as though the book was missing a second editing process.
Overall, it is a decent, light read with my requirement for a piece of “inspirational fiction” of a happy ending and a Gospel message.

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