From the mouths of babes…

My 20-month-old nephew Sam has a very cute habit. When he comes to the house he likes to keep tabs on everyone. If you leave the room, he calls you. His adorable, little voice calling your name (or his version of your name) just melts your heart. Part of it could be that he wants everyone\’s undivided attention and that he knows how cute he is when he does it. The person being summoned invariably calls \”Sa-am! I\’m he-ere!\” He smiles because he realizes you weren\’t very far away and goes back to whatever he was playing with, satisfied that you have not left.

He also asks questions such as \”What is that?\” all the time! It is how he learns names and concepts such as \”hot\” and \”cold\” and all the parts of any car which he loves (i.e. roof, trunk, wheels). He asks because he wants to know and he knows we\’ll answer. Sam also repeats what we say, almost as though to make sure he\’s got it right.

This got me to thinking about how we are with God. I realized I could learn a lot from Sam. Do we call on Him when he seems far away? Do we ask Him for guidance, teaching? Do we ask Him for provision? Do we wait for an answer? Do we repeat His words to keep them in memory?

So much to be learned from spending the day with one sweet, little guy!

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