What I learned from Korean tv dramas

Recently, thanks to Netflix, I discovered the world of Korean dramas. While often over the top, these shows do offer unique subject matter in comparison to Western television which is what I find so appealing. Also, I learned a few \”valuable\” lessons which seem to be constant themes in Korean television:

1) Respect ALL your elders including older siblings by using the correct titles. Younger brothers/male friends call older brothers/male friends \”hyung\” and older sisters/female friends \”noona.\” Younger sisters/female friends call older brothers/male friends \”oppa\” and older sisters/female friends \”unni.\” And that is just the tip of iceberg!

2) Don\’t shock your parents or grandparents by going against their wishes or they will inevitably have a heart attack or stroke.

3) Shellfish allergies are prevalent. Crazy friends/girlfriends might even use them to almost die and therefore gain sympathy.

4) American men are weak and clingy. American women sound like \”Valley Girls.\” Both speak in boring, stilted English. American society in general is crass and only useful for superior higher education.

5) When confronted by someone who things you did something terrible but have the facts wrong, do not correct them. Let the misapprehension go on as long as possible in order to culminate in a dramatic reconciliation.

6) All elaborate lies somehow lead to meeting and falling for your future spouse. Not only does he or she love you in spite of the lie, he or she loves you enough to help keep it going until you both decide you need to come clean.

7) Women: Even if a nice, stable guy romances you and rescues you from various ill-fated adventures, remain clueless to his intentions. String him along until you end up with his surly best friend/brother/rival. 

8) Men: If a psycho girl is in love with you and therefore trying to break up your romance with your true love, be kind and humor her attempts to gain your sympathy (see # 3). Eventually, things will come to a head in which she bows out and conveniently moves away to a foreign country never to be seen again.

9) Karaoke is the best way to connect with friends and coworkers and better when accompanied by Soju.

10) The concept of living happily ever after is alive and well.

You can  see subtitled Korean dramas on Netflix.com (for a monthly fee) or DramaFever.com (for free). I am currently watching Lie to Me. 🙂

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