Blogging Ballet: Marie Taglioni (1804-1884)

Marie Taglioni was the first of the great ballerinas in the history of the art. Her father Filippo Taglioni was a famous Italian teacher and choreographer of the time which contributed to her success. Filippo would make his daughter work incredibly hard-often beyond the brink of exhaustion-but the pair became quite a team authoring theirContinue reading “Blogging Ballet: Marie Taglioni (1804-1884)”

Book Review: Today\’s Shadows by Becky Melby

   Title: Today\’s Shadows Author: Becky Melby  Publisher: Barbour BooksRelease Date: 12/1/2012 st1\\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } The third book of the Lost Sanctuary Series by Becky Melby is Today’s Shadows in which two women-a century apart-are connected by a house and much more. In the year 1911 Maggie Parker is maid, cook and housekeeper for the Hamilton family,Continue reading “Book Review: Today\’s Shadows by Becky Melby”

5 Things: Already thinking about the holidays

Oh, my! Another week just flew by! As you may be able to tell from this week\’s \”Five Things,\” the holidays are already on my mind. What about you? Well, here goes nothing: 1) Holiday Mail for Heroes – Want a way to let some of our troops know how much you appreciate them? Holiday Mail for Heroes is a programContinue reading “5 Things: Already thinking about the holidays”

Blogging Ballet: Puss in Boots Style

By now you have probably heard South Korean rapper Psy\’s major international hit \”Gangnam Style\” and more likely you have seen the dance performed by school kids, military folks, and members of the media. What in the world could this possibly have to do with ballet? Well, I\’ll tell you! While in production for theirContinue reading “Blogging Ballet: Puss in Boots Style”

Book Review: Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado

\”Oh Lord, what an amazing opportunity you have spread out before me – a chance to make a difference for you in a desperately hurting world. Help me see the needs you want me to see, to react in a way that honors you, and to bless others by serving them gladly with practical expressionsContinue reading “Book Review: Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado”

What I learned from Bridget Jones

At least a decade too late, I know, but one of my guilty pleasures is reading the Bridget Jones books by the hysterically funny Helen Fielding. While initially the only value seemed to be a good laugh and sharing Ms Fielding\’s appreciation for Jane Austen (giving Bridget\’s boyfriend Mark the surname \”Darcy\” is only the beginning) a recent re-read revealed aContinue reading “What I learned from Bridget Jones”

5 Things: Balloon Fiesta Week

Each Friday I will post a \”Five Things\” entry with some new and or just interesting things I came across that week. Hopefully, you will enjoy them, too, and feel free to share your own in the comment section below! 1) The Balloon Fiesta – This is the time of the year I become likeContinue reading “5 Things: Balloon Fiesta Week”