Book Review: Isle of Shadows

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Title: Isle of Shadows
Author: Tracy Higley
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Release Date: 11/13/12
Isle of Shadows is a tale of murder and intrigue against the backdrop of the island of Rhodes in 227 BC. Tessa is a famous hetaera-or courtesan-and companion to high-ranking official Glaucus. Seeking freedom from her existence as a paid companion to men who believe they own her, Tessa is determined that the only way out is to commit suicide. When Glaucus is suddenly killed in an accident, Tessa can feel that freedom within her grasp. With the help of the Jewish servant Simeon and a mysterious new arrival named Nikos, she manages to keep Glaucus’ death a secret while speaking for him at The Assembly-Rhodes’ governing body-and working to uncover a sinister plot in the volatile world of Greek politics.
The idea of telling story set in the ancient world before the time of Christ is an interesting one. A very helpful glossary section appears at the beginning of the book because she uses accurate terminology from that era. Ms Higley beautifully describes a Seder meal and gives the reader little glimpses into the society of the time. Isle of Shadows might also appeal to Jewish as well as Christian readers looking for an unusual historical fiction.      

Disclosure in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : This book was presented to me free of charge by Thomas Nelson Publishers via without expectation of a positive review. The sentiments expressed here are my own.  

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