5 Things: Weekend In Edition

Spending a weekend in for some R&R time before Thanksgiving sounds like just what the doctor ordered! This week\’s \”Five Things\” is my idea of a quiet weekend. Hope you enjoy them!

1) The Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea – Not quite sure what drew me to this book as my \”fun\” reading this month. It isn\’t very new and not exactly the best novel ever written but The Girls of Riyadh does give a very telling look into affluent Saudi Arabian society. Alsanea chose to write in the form of e-mail correspondence as she tells about four women as they grow up and eventually marry. Most of the time they are looking for ways to skirt around the strict Muslim laws but you get an idea about what is required of women in that society and that the hopes and dreams of the female population are basically the same anywhere in the world. Um… girl power?

2) Salaam-e-Ishq – (Or as a friend of mine says: \”Salami-quiche.\”) However you want to pronounce it, this is a fun movie. If you aren\’t familiar with Bollywood, it\’s also a good starting point, too. The film follows several couples (sort of like the films Valentine\’s Day or New Year\’s Eve) dealing with love and its repercussions. It\’s highly recommended you get your gal pals together to watch this movie for a \”Bollywood Night.\” Dancing along with the film is not required but very enjoyable as well.

3) How Does She\’s Sweet Glazed Orange Rolls – I\’m hungry just thinking about them! They are beyond delicious and easier to make than you think. Sure, Pillsbury\’s version in the can is good but the homemade version cannot be beat… and you\’ll really impress your mother-in-law!

4) Hot Chai Latte – This recipe is the real deal and it will make your kitchen smell amazing! To make a Vegan version I substitute the milk and sugar with soy milk (any flavor is delicious!). Paired with the orange rolls, this chai latte makes a nice tea time or breakfast treat.

5) Gold Bars –  Not real gold bars, mind you. These are chocolate and peanut butter and be forewarned that you can (will) get addicted. Apparently, if you went to school in the Duke City during the 80\’s, you probably know what these are.  

Okay, I\’ll admit I was hungry while I was writing this but now I\’m going to go eat a salad because at least one of the above will be made this weekend. Have a good one and let me know what you found interesting this week using the comment link above!

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