5 Things: Maintaining Sanity Edition

Still ours the dance, the feast, the glorious Psalm, The mystic lights of emblem, and the Word.                                    -Emma Lazarus, \”The Feast of Lights\”

First of all, I wish all my Jewish brothers and sisters a happy and peaceful Chanukah! (For those who don\’t know, Chanukah begins at sundown on December 8th this year)

So, it\’s only the first week of December and I\’m already a little frazzled. Okay, you could say \”Jenn, you\’re always a little frazzled\” and you would have a very valid point. Fortunately, blogging is a good way to spend a few moments of relative sanity. Here are my \”Five Things\” this week:

1) Chanukah Sufganiyot – Sufganiyot is a type of doughnut often filled with jelly. Fried foods are traditional in Chanukah fare because of the significance of oil. You can read the whole story here. This is a delicious and easy way to experience something of Jewish culture.

2) MacMillan Triple Bill: A Photo Gallery – The partnership of The Ballet Bag and Alice Pennefeather is AMAZING. Sadly, a trip to London isn\’t in the plans right now but Alice\’s photos are a wonderful substitute.

3) Spam E-mail From Facebook Friends – If you are a Facebook user, you\’ve probably noticed this. This article is a good explanation of why this is happening. Good rule of thumb: don\’t open anything you\’re not sure about. Also, change your e-mail password if you think you\’ve opened something that isn\’t kosher.

4) \”There is a crack in everything. That\’s how the light gets in.\” -Leonard Cohen. A friend posted this on Twitter some time ago and I found it encouraging. I\’m going to try to remember this as things don\’t go exactly as planned.

5) Photographing Alvin Ailey\’s Gala – Christopher Duggan is one of the most talented dance photographers I know. If, like me, you weren\’t able to make it to the gala this year, this is the next best thing!

Okay, time to get back to planning Christmas parties and making a list of cookies to bake… how was your week?


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