5 Things: Christmas Party Edition

This week was spent getting ready for not one but three Christmas parties (thankfully, only one at my house!) and so I found a few fun/yummy things to make them more enjoyable.

1) \”Contrived Conversation\” – This is actually a hilarious game. As the host(ess) you come up with a bunch of bizarre phrases (I used 80\’s song titles and even lines from movies) and put them on individual slips of paper. You hide 3 slips of paper under each person\’s plate or placemat. As the evening goes on they should try to work the phrases into the conversation without getting caught or they have to surrender their slip of paper. The guest with the most slips of paper at the end of the night wins.

2) Spotify – I don\’t know about you but to me good tunes are always a nice dose of sanity. Spotify is a nice choice because you can choose the actual songs you want. The service does have ads but you can get rid of those for a mere $5 per month. I even use it to make a playlist for Christmas parties because Spotify has a really good variety and I don\’t have to worry about cds.
Aside note: This is an unsolicited review. I\’m just in love with Spotify.

3) Polymer clay ornaments – Shameless self-promotion or just a really good party idea? Hopefully more of the latter. This is just one of my favorite Christmas things (it\’s sort of become a tradition at my house) and it\’s always fun to see what variations my much more creative friends come up with!

4) Hot Cocoa – What\’s a Christmas party without cocoa? This is a delicious recipe that will impress your guests. I also make a Vegan version with vanilla soy milk in lieu of the dairy and vegan dark chocolate in lieu of the milk chocolate.

5) Italian Rainbow Cookies – A tradition in my family long before I was even born. They are a little time consuming to make but so worth it! My only change to is recipe would be to use seedless raspberry jam instead of marmalade. The chocolate, almond and raspberry flavors really make these cookies \”pop.\”

Enjoy! I\’d love to hear what your favorite Christmas parties plans/recipes are this year in the comment section!


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