5 Things: After Christmas Edition

Hello! Hope you all had a great Christmas with a lot of love, family and cookies! This week I was battling some nasty version of a cold so I had plenty of down time and therefore some fun things to share. Here it goes:

1) Mcleod\’s Daughters – Thanks to Netflix (also available on Hulu), I was clued into this great TV drama from Australia. Claire and Tess Mcleod are two sisters who find themselves reunited after the death of their father. City slicker Tess has inherited part of the family ranch and decides to stay and learn to run a sheep farm from consummate rancher Claire. My friends and I are hooked. Hope you enjoy it, too!

2) Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate Marzipan – For some, marzipan and Christmas go hand in hand and this is my favorite way to eat it… smothered in dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is just nice and smooth with just a hint of that almond taste from the marzipan. Need I say more?

3) Who\’s On First? – Jimmy Fallon joined by Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld remade the classic Abbot and Costello skit. My nephew and I watched both the original and the remake this week because he had never even heard of Abbot and Costello. Definitely consider it a necessary education!
4) Monkey Bread Muffins – This is a super-easy recipe with refrigerated biscuits that the kids can help with. Just be forewarned: they are rather addicting. On the upside, though, the house smells wonderful and you have a nice little snack for second breakfast, elevenses or teatime! 
5) It Ain\’t Over: Too Big for Ballet? – Lori Weiss shares the story of Kerry Ann King who was on the path to become a ballerina as a young girl but was discouraged from doing so because of her size. Now, as an adult and a mother of four, Kerry Ann is back into ballet. This is a great story to encourage ladies who have always wanted to talk ballet and finally have the time and the means. While some people may have very real physical limitations, most people can study the basic technique of ballet and benefit from it as adults. Long story short, if you want to dance, go for it! Ballet isn\’t just for 5-year-olds and dancers on the professional track.


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