5 Things: You guys want some soda? Edition

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas with plenty of love and passable reproductions of grandma\’s recipes! Here\’s what I found interesting this week: 1) My favorite thing online this week was the New York Times Dialect Quiz! Being that I come from an Italian-American family from New York, I was really curious toContinue reading “5 Things: You guys want some soda? Edition”

Merry Christmas 2013!

  \”Remember, if Christmas isn\’t found in your heart, you won\’t find it under a tree.\” -Charlotte Carpenter   Wishing you and your loved ones a very  Merry Christmas Buon Natale Joyeux Noel Feliz Navidad God jul С Рождеством Vrolijk kerstfeest メリークリスマス Frohe Weihnachten חג המולד שמח 圣诞节快乐  메리 크리스마스

5 Things: Friday Before Christmas 2013 Edition

Happy Friday and 5 more \”sleeps\” until Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful week with minimal stress and that you remembered where you parked at the shopping mall. I also hope this week\’s 5 Things are a nice little escape from the holiday busy-ness. Enjoy: 1) Late to the game? Me? Well, prettyContinue reading “5 Things: Friday Before Christmas 2013 Edition”

How old is too old to start modern dance?

Previously, I had touched upon the age requirements for ballet with regard to a professional career and recreation. Now a reader wants to know: What about modern dance? Modern dance was developed as the sort of \”anti-ballet\” dance. Mary Wigman-one of the major players in the beginnings of the modern dance movement-abandoned the pointe shoe andContinue reading “How old is too old to start modern dance?”

5 Things: Web Surfing Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all are staying warm (unless you live in a tropical destination and then I\’m super jealous right now!). Here\’s what I found interesting this week from around the web: 1) Hot Cocoa Cookies from Brit+Co – These look really neat and would be just perfect for company as Christmas approaches. The simplicity ofContinue reading “5 Things: Web Surfing Edition”

My top 10 favorite children\’s books of all time

After making a list of my favorite books of all time, I felt a little bad about leaving out my favorite children\’s books because these titles are near and dear to my heart as well. (And I apparently have too many beloved books to make lists like these!) Fortunately, these are still in print andContinue reading “My top 10 favorite children\’s books of all time”

A ballerina or not?

Ballerina [bahl-lay-REE-rlah (Italian)]A principal female dancer in a ballet company. In the days of the Russian Imperial Theatres the title was given to the outstanding soloists who danced the chief classical roles. (American Ballet Theatre Ballet Dictionary) Some ballet students recently got pretty upset when a younger girl referred to herself as a \”ballerina\” and feltContinue reading “A ballerina or not?”

5 Things: 4 things and a Giveaway Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all survived the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the other shopping madness that seems to go one this time of year with all your wits in tact. Okay, let\’s get to this week\’s \”Five Things,\” shall we? 1) \”The Prayer\” by Helene Fischer and Andrea Bocelli. As usual, I\’m probablyContinue reading “5 Things: 4 things and a Giveaway Edition”

2013 Christmas Crafts: Part 3 ("Merry Christmas" Garland)

Happy Thursday! We hope you are enjoying our Christmas Crafts this week because we certainly had a great time making them. (Seriously! We laughed A LOT!) Today check out our \”Merry Christmas\” Garland (although you can definitely spell anything you like!) as a fun idea for some different decor for that empty wall or railingContinue reading “2013 Christmas Crafts: Part 3 ("Merry Christmas" Garland)”

2013 Christmas Crafts: Part 2 (Tile Coasters)

Hello, again! As you can imagine, Jessi from Aspiring Artistry and I have been busy! (And a certain dining room table has been an absolute disaster area. Don\’t worry, though, it\’s better now!) Today, we\’re showing you our second craft: Painted Tile Coasters. It\’s super easy with gorgeous results. You\’ll stare at your tiles inContinue reading “2013 Christmas Crafts: Part 2 (Tile Coasters)”