Calling all bloggers!

Help! 2013 is shaping up to be another year of overscheduling and some help with the weekly \”Five Things\” posts here at \’Where There\’s A Lil…\’ would be greatly appreciated.

Would you like to do a guest post? Here\’s what you should know:

What is \”Five Things?\”
It\’s really quite simple. Every week I pick five things that I like/find interesting/want to share/are comprised of dark chocolate and write a little blurb about each.

Do I have to be a blogger to contribute?
Nah! Blogging isn\’t for everyone and it\’s not a requirement. Anyone capable of  sticking to the guidelines is welcome!

How do I submit a guest post?
Send me your \’Five Things\’ via e-mail. Text in the body of the e-mail or in a Word document are fine. If you have an easier way of doing so, I\’m also always open to suggestions. (I do reserve the right to edit/format to fit this space)

The Guidelines:
1) Include exactly 5 things… no less, no more.
2) Please keep things PG-rated. (My nieces read my blog and I\’d like to set a good example)
3) Each blurb or explanation should be 100 words or less. (Some exceptions can be made but check with me first)
4) Include a brief bio. You\’re welcome to submit a photo and links to your blog/website/Pinterest account if you want.
5) Self-promotion is encouraged but try not to make all 5 about you (we don\’t want to seem narcissistic).

Happy New Year! I look forward to writing with you!

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