5 Things: Anno nuovo, vita nuova

Felice 2013! Happy 2013! Anno nuovo, vita nuova (new year, new life) is a popular Italian saying for this time of year. The change in year is always a good time to reflect on the year passed, to make resolutions, and to look forward to the clean slate a new year offers. This week\’s \”Five Things\” are my favorite New Year\’s traditions:

1) Vienna New Year Concert – Available on PBS\’ website through January 16, 2013, this is my absolute favorite part of my New Year celebration. Every year in Vienna this concert takes place and features host Julie Andrews and some beautiful dance by the Vienna Ballet. Definitely worth a watch for some beautiful (often toe-tapping) music from Strauss, delicate dance and the gorgeous scenery of Austria they work into the mix so well.

2) Verdi Spumante – This is an alcoholic beverage and one of my family\’s favorite ways to ring in the new year. Spumante bubbles like champagne and comes in some delicious flavors (family favorite being the Raspberry Sparkletini). It\’s also very cost effective for a group. Salud!
Aside note: This is an unsolicited plug.

3) Sushi – Not sure I recall how this started but eating sushi has been a \”tradition\” for a few years now. There\’s even a great place nearby that makes some good tempura battered veggies and even a deep fried roll to placate the anti-raw fish group.

4) Red underwear – Nothing weird. It\’s just an Italian tradition to bring a prosperous New Year. Tradition says it\’s only really effective if you throw them away the next day. And it\’s pretty funny to buy family members ugly red underwear as stocking stuffers for Christmas the week before.

5) Family time – Sure fancy parties or even heading to Time Square can be fun but making traditions with the people you love is often the most memorable.

May your 2013 be blessed! Oh, and if you think you\’d like to try a guest blogging gig here with your own \”Five Things\” one week, please let me know!

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