5 Things: Googling Google Edition

Hello! Hoping you all have had a good week! Here are some fun things I found this week. Don\’t forget to let me know what you think using the comment box below!

1) Don\’t type \”Google\” into Google Search -This clip is from Britain\’s TV show The IT Crowd about some odd but very funny characters including Jen, the IT department head who really doesn\’t know anything about computers! The show is really unique and clever and this clip was actually very appropriate because my network was down most of the week and we were joking that someone must have broken the internet.

2) Diablo Ballet\’s Web Ballet – Diablo Ballet is one creative company that really engages its audience with social media and this is one of the coolest things they have come up with to date. Basically, they are encouraging their fans to help create a new ballet. Everything from the choreography and music to the mood and emotion is open to suggestion. Even if you aren\’t feeling creative, watching the creation process unfold as well as the final product is going to be a treat!

3) Scottish Ballet Exercise Videos The Scottish Ballet is very near and dear to my heart and here you will find some really great resources for exercise. The videos are very informative and offer dancers and non-dancers alike some tips to staying in good shape. An excellent way to begin 2012!

4) Miss RoseThis is a Taiwanese TV drama that really had me hooked. The story begins with a 30-ish woman (\”Miss Rose\”) making a bet with the fortune teller who says she\’ll be alone forever. If the woman gets married within a year, the fortune teller will have to dance at her wedding. If she doesn\’t, she owes the fortune teller a large sum of money. The most appealing parts of this show are: The dynamic characters who grow and develop (most often for the better) over the course of the series; Miss Rose\’s kindness and selflessness are very appealing and affect others for good; and it\’s an actual series with a concrete beginning and end like reading a book.   

5)  Julep NailpolishJulep is an eco-conscious but fashion forward line of nail lacquer and skincare products. The hues are rich and on trend and part of the fun is finding out what type of \”maven\” you are with their quiz (I\’m \”Classic With a Twist\”). There is even a monthly subscription of handpicked lacquers (based on your \”type\”) which is a great gift. My sis is really enjoying hers!
Aside note: This is an unsolicited plug. I purchased Julep lacquer on my own.

Have a wonderful weekend and let me know what you found interesting this week!


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