5 Things: Inconceivable! Edition

Hello, Happy Friday and Happy February! We made it to another Friday with sanity (mostly) in tact to enjoy another \”Five Things:\”

1) \”Like an Avalanche\” by Hillsong – I know I\’m a little late in \”discovering\” this one but I hope you enjoy this gorgeous track as much as I do. Both lyrics and arrangement are powerful and give me chills. And the stark black and white video is very fitting for such a poignant song. Consider it likely I\’ll be creating some choreography for this song soon.

2) \”My name is Inigo Montoya…\” – So, apparently some airline passengers found this guy\’s t-shirt (featuring the quote from The Princess Bride) a little alarming. (Inconceivable! That anyone wouldn\’t get the film reference) But what do you think? Would you be afraid of a fellow passenger wearing this shirt or would you laugh? The guy doesn\’t look like he\’d really go on a vendetta against a man (with six fingers on his left hand) who may or may not be on the plane but who am I to say? I guess we\’re all still a little shell-shocked from current events around the world to appreciate good comedy.

3) The Princess Bride – #2 lends smoothly to #3 which, if you haven\’t seen this film, you should give it a go (and not just so you get the joke from the above\’s t-shirt). It\’s just a good dose of silly excellence with an Errol Flynn-esque Cary Elwes not to mention Andre the Giant and Billy Crystal among others. The Princess Bride is a must-see that will give you a lot of quotable jokes from the film to bandy about with your friends (and say \”Inconceivable!\” after every statement as I probably will today). The book is a lot of fun, too, if you are more of the bookish type.

4) Good news for the weekConsidering how often we are inundated with depressing news stories, this one was such a breath of fresh air. A solider serving in Afghanistan wanted to do something really special for his wife\’s birthday and he enlisted her favorite pizza place called Mellow Mushroom to help. The company went above and beyond what he expected without accepting any payment making it a birthday to remember. Hope you\’ll find it as heartwarming as I did!

5) DIY Dancer – A favorite blog of mine that has just had some wonderful stuff recently! These gals have great insight into dance in general and find the best videos and photos. Check it out and support some of the web\’s most talented dancers/writers.

Okay, that\’s 5! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


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