5 Things: V-Day Aftermath Edition

In high school all the cheerleaders without boyfriends would wear black on Valentine\’s Day. In college we were a little more mature about the \”holiday\” (which a close friend is sure was invented by diamond retailers and Hallmark) and make plans with all our single gal pals to dress up and enjoy a nice dinner and a movie.

These days I embrace Valentine\’s Day to celebrate the people I care about (including family, coworkers and a dear friend who also happens to have a b-day on the 14th).  And even if you aren\’t a fan, hopefully you can appreciate this week\’s \”Five Things\” in the aftermath of V-Day. This one is for my single comrades in love:

1) Valentine\’s Day Mad Libs – Obviously, we all need a laugh the day after we watched all our attached coworkers get bunches of roses (even more so if we have to sign for said roses because everyone else was conveniently at lunch). What better than a \”love letter\” with ridiculous references and that may or may not mention that \”a thousand camels dance in my spleen at the sight of you?\” Romantic, right? I thought so! You can find more funnies here and here.

 2) 50% Off Valentine\’s Day Chocolates – Today is a great day to head to Wal-mart or whatever your favorite shop is to buy V-Day chocolate at half price! So there! to all those goobers who paid full price! Just save me some dark chocolate hearts, okay? Thanks!

3) Rent a date?Just thought this article was interesting. In China there is heavy pressure to marry before age 26 and so these services are growing more and more popular. Even more interesting is the supposed shortage of females (due to the one child policy) and even they are having a hard time choosing a mate, apparently. Too many choices?

4) Happy Music – The rule of thumb is to stay away from any songs that remind you of the ex or talk about broken relationships for the next three days. That\’s usually the length of time it takes for the chocolate and new haircut to kick in. Avoid angry girl bands and basically anything by a crooner (past or present) or Celine Dion.

5) Help someone out – The absolute best way to get your mind off the dreaded V-Day is to do something for someone who needs help. Elderly neighbors who might not be able to drive or do yard work are a great start. Make them smile, you\’ll smile too and it will be a win-win!

Okay, let\’s get going and enjoy our weekend! Until next week…


Published by Jenn R

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