5 Things: Shall we dance? Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you have a second to enjoy some fun dance and maybe get inspired to turn on some music and just go for it, yourself. Here are my \”Five Things\”:

1) Trey McIntyre Project Harlem Shake – Because dancers do it best! Check out the class version and how to really greet friends at the airport. Enjoy!

2) LL Cool J does ballet? – He doesn\’t really but these interview clips are fun to watch as NCIS: Los Angeles costar Renee Felice Smith teases him. The man is very good at improv!

3) Feels Like Home: A Collaborative Performance ProjectNicole is a talented dancer and choreographer embarking on a new project and she needs our help! For this project she is asking for a piece of \”home\”… items, poems, photographs, etc. Even if you don\’t have anything to contribute, watching the collection grow is interesting so check back often.

4) Diablo Ballet\’s Web Ballet – Well, the results are in and the qualities, music and even animals (/) for their new ballet have been announced. Choreographer Robert Dekkers has his work cut out for him! Check out the list of things that will be incorporated into the upcoming social media collaboration ballet.

5) BalletcatessenAntonio Carmena\’s foodie blog shows that ballet dancers really do love to eat.I can\’t wait to watch this blog grow and develop with more fun photos and mouthwatering recipes.


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