Book Review: Dance of Shadows

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Title: Dance of Shadows
Author: Yelena Black
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Release Date: 2/12/2013

Vanessa Adler arrives at New York Ballet Academy as a new student. The very place her sister Margaret had disappeared from three years ago. She and her new friends soon discover that the academy is far from typical. Strange disappearances and a dark secret are just begging to be investigated but at what cost?
Part Black Swanand part The Da Vinci Code, Dance of Shadows is an interesting story for young adults. Ms Black manages to give the academy a realistic sense while not bogging down the story in ballet vernacular. My only critique is that the conversation between the students took a few chapters to finally sound like regular teens and not like stilted adults.Overall, however, the ballet thriller is on trend and will appeal to dancers and bookworms alike who enjoy a gripping tale that is sure to bring the goosebumps.
Dance of Shadows is a available at in hardcover and ereader formats. 


Disclosure in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : This book was presented to me free of charge by Bloomsbury Children’s Books via without expectation of a positive review. The sentiments expressed here are my own.   
P.S. Yes, it\’s a strange coincidence that quite a few books reviewed on this blog have the word \”shadows\” in the title.

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