5 Things: March Edition

Happy March and Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew who shares the day with Federic Chopin and Roger Daltrey from The Who! March 1st is also National Pig Day (pigs need their own day?) and Peanut Butter Lover\’s Day. Hmmm… make that chocolate and peanut butter and I\’m in!

1) Did you know… March is Women\’s History Month? It was actually on this date in 1912 that Isabella Goodwin was appointed the first female detective in New York City (and the world). Wow!

2) 10 Creative Deeds in 31 Days – The National Hispanic Cultural Center wants you to join in the resolution to commit 10 random acts of creativity during the month of March. I love this concept because it doesn\’t matter where you live or who you are, you can still participate. We\’re all capable of something creative. What a great way to inspire and be inspired this month!

3) Creative Writing Prompts – Looking for a place to start with your 10 creative acts this month? I think Writer\’s Digest can help. These are fun prompts to get the creative juices going for fellow writers. Intriguing and it\’s fun to read what others have created. Love it!

4) Love vs. \”Being in Love\” – Margo Howard (the \”Dear Margo\” advice columnist) really wrote a great piece here. There is a major difference between those initial \”butterflies\” and lasting love and she really relates that well. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

5) Another Bridget Jones Book! – According to the Daily Mail, Helen Fielding is set to release a third book in the series in November of this year! These books are just a good, fun read with a couple of gems of wisdom but not many and I can\’t wait to see what Bridget has been up to this decade.

Okay, well, have a wonderful weekend and I\’d love to hear if you join the 10 Creative Deeds resolution!


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