5 Things: Spring Break Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you folks who were lucky enough to have a Spring Break this week really enjoyed your time off. Well, here are the things I found interesting this week. Enjoy!

1) RIP Princess Lilian: Sweden\’s Princess Lilian passed away this week at the age of 97. I had heard the name but had no idea what an amazing love story she had also lived. Lilian was born a commoner and met Prince Bertil during WWII. They weren\’t able to marry right away, however, for several reasons including upheaval in the royal family. In fact, they weren\’t even able to appear in public together until the 1970\’s! Really intriguing story about honor and the fact that true love does not have an expiration date.

2) Does Blogging Sell Books?: The short answer? Not really. But here Holly Robinson (author of The Wishing Hill and Sleeping Tigers) gives some excellent reasons why blogging is still an important exercise for bloggers. Would you agree?

3) Little Miss Austen: No more banal board books! (Yeah, I\’m a little too fond of the alliteration, sorry!) These are only some of the cutest children\’s books I have ever seen and anything that makes it more interesting for the adult reading them to the child is okay with me. Add Austen and it\’s more than just okay! Author Jennifer Adams has also given us gems along the same lines incorporating some of the best classical literature like Jane Eyre and even Shakespeare into the themes. Love it!

4) There\’s a New Pope in Town: If you had not heard (which is probably only likely if you have no television or live under a rock), the Vatican welcome Pope Francis I this week. The choice of name is a promising start considering Pope Benedict\’s love of Gucci and Prada. I encourage you (Catholic or not) to pray for this man and the mess he\’s probably going to have to sort through including some financial scandal issues.

5) Irish Soda Bread: Last but not least, what better way to celebrate St. Patty\’s Day this weekend than with some Irish Soda Bread? Excellent treat with a good, strong cup of tea.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy St. Patrick\’s Day, everyone!


Published by Jenn R

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