5 Things: Almost Late Edition

Hello and Happy Friday! For whatever reason Friday actually snuck up on me this week… that almost never happens. So, here it goes:

1) Huffington Post Image Blog – This is a truly cool idea. The blog features works of art (sometimes even in process) of an eclectic group of artists. The fun part is seeing what artists these days are up to… sort of like your own personal art gallery. Hope you enjoy!

2) When The Stars Go Blue – Just rediscovered this song thanks to Spotify. Confession: Sure, I like The Corrs and all but Bono really the reason I sincerely enjoy this one. Fun song and it looks like it was also a really great live concert.

3) Sonic\’s Sweet Potato Tots – One word: delicious! This is really the only reason I\’ve eaten fast food in the past week (I don\’t generally make it a habit) and it was worth the calories. Sonic, please have these ALL the time. Please, please please?

 4) Zurker – This is a brand new, beta version of a social media site (like Facebook or Myspace) but for now it\’s invitation only (click the link provided and you\’re in). The interesting thing is that you have an opportunity to earn credits (by inviting friends) to trade in for shares of the site. Check it out and let me know what you think. The claim is that users will have more control over information and more privacy.

5) The Psychology of Effective Workout Music – Really found this article interesting. I have noticed that I get more out of a workout when I exercise to a good beat. What about you? Would you take part in a race where you could not listen to music?

Okay, hope everyone has a great weekend! Just save some sweet potato tots for me, okay? 🙂


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