5 Things: Almost Easter Edition

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter! (And a belated Happy Passover to my Jewish friends!) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned with family and friends. Here are five things I hope you enjoy:

1) Ombre Nails – Okay, I am absolutely hooked on this new nail trend. Ever since my sister and I discovered Julep and have been getting new colors every month, we\’ve been experimenting with nail art and designs. The ombre effect is by far my favorite and if you choose two similar colors, it can be appropriate for work or play (or church on Easter Sunday).
Just some words of advice: Use Scotch tape or a thin layer of Elmer\’s Glue to create a form around the nail so you can avoid a lot of messy clean-up later. Also, make sure the two colors you are wearing are from the same brand because some brands do not mix well with others.

2) Kickstarter.com – I am probably very behind \”discovering\” this but I thought it was an amazing idea. Kickstarter allows groups, artists, etc. to propose a project and raise the funds to complete that project. Check it out and maybe help an artist, musician or dancer by pledging a couple of bucks to help them along. Sort of like an arts patron without needing to have millions of dollars.  

3) e.l.f. All Over Color Stick – Love this thing and the best part is that it\’s only $1! A little bit of color and shimmer for your eyelids or I use the \”lilac petal\” in lieu of blush. Handy to stick in your purse/carry-on while traveling (especially by plane) so you can look fresh and well-rested upon arrival. Highly recommended!
Note: This is an unsolicited review. I purchased this product on my own.

4) Easter Bunny Dinner Rolls – Seriously cute idea for Easter dinner! Actually, though, I\’m thinking all my dinner rolls from now on will look like bunnies. 

5) Pressed Flower Easter Eggs – Last but certainly not least, these are really a wonderful idea. Even my craft-challenged self can handle these and it turns out amazing! Great idea to give a try for some easy Easter decor.

Okay, that\’s all for this week. Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend! 

Tulip photo by 12sira34 via sxc.hu.

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