5 Things: Dance Week Edition

Happy National Dance Week! This week\’s Five Things are all some of my favorite dance stories, events and blogs of 2013 so far. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

1) Diablo Ballet\’s Web Ballet: \”Flight of the Dodo\” is the first ballet of its kind. Made with input from fans around the world (via social media like Facebook and Twitter), this experiment turned out very well so check it out!

2) Dance Teacher Who Lost Foot in Boston Bombing Has Amazingly Positive Outlook – Adrienne Haslet-Davis was one of the spectators at the Boston Marathon who lost a foot during the explosion. Her story is inspirational and you have to applaud her for not letting the unfortunate circumstances dictate how she lives her life.

3) Maria Tallchief – This legend of the ballet world sadly passed away this year at the age of 88. This article does a good job of giving her a nice tribute and the slide show at the lower part of the article has some lovely old photos. We miss you already, Maria!

4) An Old Guy Does BalletAnother great, inspirational story for an entirely different reason. As I have said time and time again: the benefits of ballet are not age specific. If you want to dance, just go for it!

5) National Dance Week – The official homepage for National Dance Week where you can learn the flash mob choreography or find out other great ways to celebrate dance! So, what are you waiting for? Get dancing! 🙂


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