5 Things: End of May Edition

Happy Friday! Can you believe it\’s already the last day of May? Things here have been a little crazy this week because two coworkers were on vacation. Hopefully, most of you are the ones on vacation and not the ones stuck in the office. Well, here goes this week\’s \”Five Things\”: 1) Somewhere Between –Continue reading “5 Things: End of May Edition”

5 Things: All Politeness Edition

Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day to my fellow Americans! Hope everyone has something lovely planned this weekend whether you\’re enjoying a long one or not. This week\’s \”Five Things\” are fairly polite… enjoy!1) Miss Leslie\’s Behavior Book – Thanks to the @TheLitDetective, this gem came to my attention this week. The chapter titled \”ConductContinue reading “5 Things: All Politeness Edition”

What I learned from my mother (so far)

Happy Mother\’s Day! Today I thought it would be fitting to honor the amazing mother God saw fit to give me. She\’s my best friend, a loving grandmother and all-around wonderful lady. While all the things she has taught me over the years would never fit in this convenient space (and some defy even words), here\’s some ofContinue reading “What I learned from my mother (so far)”

5 Things: Feeling Girlie Edition

Hello and Happy Friday! This week I was extra spacey (think it\’s the allergy meds but not sure) thinking Tuesday was Wednesday and so forth. Also thinking (and doing) a bunch of things that really ought to have required more thought before they were initiated. Oh, well, the weekend is here and, fortunately, this week\’sContinue reading “5 Things: Feeling Girlie Edition”

5 Things: Feeling Musical Edition

Happy Friday, All! Can you believe it\’s May already? I really can\’t! It\’s exactly as my parents and grandparents warned: Time flies the older you get. Anyway! I was really enjoying Spotify this week discovering new and old tunes so here are the top five tracks I have been enjoying… hope you enjoy them, too!Continue reading “5 Things: Feeling Musical Edition”