5 Things: Feeling Musical Edition

Happy Friday, All! Can you believe it\’s May already? I really can\’t! It\’s exactly as my parents and grandparents warned: Time flies the older you get. Anyway! I was really enjoying Spotify this week discovering new and old tunes so here are the top five tracks I have been enjoying… hope you enjoy them, too!

1) \”Fairytale\” by Rebecca Ferguson
I\’m a big fan of Motown and this track really caught my ear in a big way. Not to mention that Rebecca\’s voice is fabulous. She sounds like she should have been a recording artist during that era. \”Fairytale\” strikes me as a great girls\’ road trip track for singing with all the car windows open.

2) \”Brave\” by Josh Groban
I\’m not really sure if it is Josh Groban\’s voice or the arrangement with strings that make this song the most appealing but I hope you will enjoy both. Just be prepared, the lyrics do tend to get stuck in your head (at least that\’s what happens to me) and you may find yourself humming this song while standing in line at the grocery store. You definitely need bravery at the grocery store more than most places, naturally.

3) \”A Thousand Miles\” by Vanessa Carlton
My nieces would say this song is \”so old!\” complete with wrinkled noses and incredulous thoughts that their aunt really must be ancient. That\’s just because it\’s older than they are but don\’t let that stop you from listening… or wondering if it was scary \”driving\” a piano in the video. 

4) \”More Than Words\” by Extreme
This is my \”You thought that was old? Try this one!\” pick for the week. I remember when this song was released (pausing to brace for looks of horror… yes, I am that ancient, dear nieces) and \”More Than Words\” was actually the only song by Extreme that I could name for about a decade. Other Extreme fans would vehemently beg to differ but I think it\’s their best work. What do you think?

5) \”Release Me\” by Agnes
This gal has a great set of pipes! Her range really gets me every time I listen to this song. That and, of course, probably most of us can relate to the premise of the song at one time in our lives or another. Thank goodness that\’s over and we can just enjoy a good song, right?

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Question of the week: What\’s your favorite song this week?

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