5 Things: All Random Edition

Happy Friday! Are you as glad as I am that the weekend is here? It seems like everyone I came across this week has had a rough one but I sincerely hope you are not among them! This week\’s five things really have no rhyme or reason but I found them interesting so I hope you do, too!

1) \”All This Way\” by Amanda Fondell – Another one of those Spotify \”finds\” that has been stuck in my head for the past few days. Amanda\’s voice really has a nice quality to it almost like Adele but with its own distinctions. Enjoy!

2) Gluten Free Cornmeal Pancakes – If you love cornbread and pancakes like I do, these are probably for you. The touch of honey is really a nice flavor with cornbread and certainly no different in this case. Not only is this recipe delish but it\’s also a great caveat into what gluten free eating looks like if you are leaning toward that diet. Basically, not eating wheat flour does not have to be boring. Bon appetite!

3) 3-Row Necklace – This one is on my to-do list and I know I have enough spare beads laying around to do it justice. I think it will do very well for work or church. What do you think?

4) Mug Cakes – And here is my secret to not making an entire cake when the mood strikes because then I would eat all the cake within a week and it would go straight to my hips. It\’s the sad truth. Fortunately, some genius figured out how to make a cake in a mug so that you soothe the craving quickly and effectively without more cake to tempt you for several days following. Brilliant, delicious and highly recommended!

5) Why is your kid crying? – You\’ll have to scroll down a bit to the slideshow but most of these are hilarious! I actually laughed out loud at the one with Fabio and I think I\’d cry too, if no one would let me drive that Porsche.

And that\’s all I have. Hope you have a great weekend!


Question of the week: What is your dream summer vacation?

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