5 Things: Hairy Edition

Hello and Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week with some fun weekend plans. This week\’s five things are a little hairy (I didn\’t plan it that way, I promise) but I hope you enjoy:

  1. Hairstyles for wet hair – This slide show just seemed like a great idea for pool or beach hair or even those steamy summer mornings where a hairdryer is the last thing you want to use. The styles are cute up-dos that are not your ordinary braids. 
  2. Cambodian lost city not so lost after all – The fact that there are still things to be discovered in this great planet of ours is just so interesting. I think this is a place I would like to see! 
  3. Cabbage Patch Kid Wigs? – Albeit the babies in the pictures are super cute but I think yarn wigs on adults might be a little weird. That and I never liked Cabbage Patch Kids growing up (possibly because the grandparents tried to buy me one that looked like me and I was not flattered). What do you think? Would you buy this for your little one? 
  4. Hairy leg tights?So, I guess if you are a gal who doesn\’t want male attention, this is the way to do it. They are definitely not my cup of tea (glasses work just fine for me!) but I guess they could work. Would you wear these? Or would you prefer the J.Crew version?
  5. Logic Puzzles – I\’m officially hooked on logic puzzles. In fact, I\’ve gone through an entire book of them this month in the hope of honing my logic skills and sharpening this foggy brain. Not sure it\’s working but the puzzles are awfully fun. 

    Okay that\’s all I have for now. Have a wonderful weekend!


    Published by Jenn R

    I write stuff and pretend to be good at crafting. Check out my first novel on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3nAxiZ4

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