5 Things: Austen-esque Edition

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good (or mostly good) week with some fun weekend plans to make up for the daily grind. This week just turned out to be Jane Austen themed which was totally unintentional but a very pleasant week. Enjoy this week\’s Five Things:

Photo: David Parry AP

1) Mr. Darcy in London Lake – This is just. Well. Funny. Fans of the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (the best one as far as I\’m concerned) will get this. It is an odd monument but I have to admit if I were in the area I\’d be doing a photo op and posting the pics on Facebook.

2) Underwater forest off Alabama\’s coast – Speaking of water, this is pretty cool. This forest of cypress trees was apparently preserved in a sand bank until Hurricane Katrina made it into a habitable fish sanctuary. It\’s also interesting how the locals kept this a secret for several years.

3) Brit + Co. – For the creative types, this is a fun site to check out. The recipes, especially, are some of my favorites (including these Arnold Palmer Lemon Bars) although everything on the site is vibrant and appealing making you want to get out there and do something. Also, I think it\’s cool that they have Brit Kits with craft ideas delivered to your door every month.

4) Austenland coming to theaters! – This is very exciting because Austenland is one of my favorite \”Austen Inspired\” novels for a fun read. On August 16, 2013 the film will be making its debut in American theaters and it looks like Keri Russell and Stephenie Meyer are great choices for casting. Looking forward to this one!

5) A Jane Austen Education – Another great \”Austen Inspired\” book but from a male perspective. William Deresiewicz makes some wonderful observations about Jane Austen\’s writing and her novels shaded his perception of people and situations. Worth a read if you are an Austen fan!

And that\’s all for now. Have a great weekend, everyone!


P.S. Be watching next week for our very first book giveaway!

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