Book Review & Giveaway: Daughter of Jerusalem

Title: Daughter of Jerusalem
Author: Joan Wolf
Publisher: Worthy Publishing
Release Date: April 16, 2013

Mary Magdalene had to have had a life before she encountered Jesus Christ but what was her life like? Daughter of Jerusalem is a fictional work which attempts to give a deeper story to Mary\’s family life and the events the occurred prior to becoming a follower of Christ. In the novel Mary\’s life changes drastically when she is sent away from her home in Magdala and her siblings Martha and Lazarus to live with her aunt. Once there she falls in love with Daniel-a young man training to be a scribe in the temple-but all too late she learns that her dreams of marriage to him are not to be.

Daughter of Jerusalem is a page-turner and has the ability to draw one in and make one want to know more. Because of the fictionalized nature of the book, the course of the tale is not as predictable as one might think. The gentle-not too dry-glimpse into the customs and society of the time is also appealing and did not take away from the tale. Overall, the story and the Biblical details were handled well and I will be looking forward to seeing more from Joan Wolf. 

Note that Daughter of Jerusalem was provided to me free of charge by Worthy Publishing without expectation of a positive review.

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