Book Review: Two Books Are Better Than One

Not one but two musicians turned authors are the focus of this month\’s book review. These gift size hard cover books carry some uplifting and thoughtful topics for spiritual growth.

First up is Travis Cottrell\’s He Knows Your Name with an introduction by Beth Moore. The book is a quick read with a conversational style of writing with wonderful thoughts on topics like hope, joy and emotional healing. The reflection questions and prayer at the end of each section makes this volume a great individual study or group study conversation starter.

He Knows Your Name is available in hardcover and Kindle editions from

The second book is The Power of an Ordinary Prayer by Michael W. Smith with Tom Williams. The writing in this text provides some excellent prompts to reinvigorate one\’s prayer as well as what to pray for. The subject matter includes \”Praying for Spiritual Health\” and \”Praying for Personal Holiness\” and all the topics are written for everyone to benefit from them and comprehend the importance of these qualities in a spiritual life. The sections at the end of each chapter are also excellent tools for a prayer journal.

The Power of An Ordinary Prayer is available in hardcover and Kindle editions from

These titles were provided to me free of charge from Worthy Publishing without expectation of a positive review.

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