An Unofficial Guide to Being a Woman

Recently some friends and I read The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide To Being A Man and did not absolutely hate it (actually, quite the contrary with the exception of the umbrella statement) so we decided to make our own list for being a woman:

1) Compliment someone everyday and mean it without a motive. 

2) Keep wine, chocolate and chick flicks in stock for any friend emergencies which might arise.

3) Accept gentlemanly gestures (i.e. door holding, paying for dinner) without a feminist lecture. Just smile and be grateful.

4) Never tell your best friend you hate her boyfriend or her ex.

5) Have a signature perfume. 

6) Learn to sew a simple stitch for emergency button and hem repairs. 

7) Even if you don\’t cook, learn to make one, simple dish really well.

8) Other women\’s boyfriends and husbands are off limits. No exceptions. 

9) When you\’re not interested in a relationship but he is, make a clean break of it so he can move on. \”Just friends\” never ends well.

10) Invest in a LBD (little black dress) that makes you feel like a starlet, a coat that makes you feel like a princess and a quality foundation or cc cream that makes you feel like a cover girl. 

11) If he doesn\’t want to get married and you do, it\’s time to find a man who does.

12) Do things that require personal growth as often as you can.

13) Know your drink limit and have a favorite non-alcoholic cocktail because being the drunk girl in social situations only makes you a punchline or a target.

14) Support a cause you\’re passionate about.

15) Put the cell phone away and give loved ones, friends, clients and the road your undivided attention.

16) Delete your ex\’s phone number from your phone.

17) Apologize when you make a mistake or hurt feelings. 

18) You don\’t deserve anything that you aren\’t willing to work for.

19) Learn the difference between being motivated by pride and by doing what is right. 

20) Don\’t be afraid to love deeply.

What are your rules for living as a 21st century woman? I\’d love to hear them in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “An Unofficial Guide to Being a Woman

  1. These are such valuable points covering a wide area of behavior as well as mind-set! Wouldn't it be wonderful to start a movement where women were 'ladies' again..gracious, loving, beautiful creatures of dignity and intelligence?! Thanks, Jenn!~Joy


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