5 Things: Fall Inspired Edition (Guest Post)

Hello! This is Jessi from Aspiring-Artistry and I hope you like my \”Five Things\” this week:

Photo by Jessi of Aspiring-Artistry

1) Fall-inspired nails: I love the colors of fall and designing nail art with it. I have posted one idea on my blog so far with more to come!

Photo by Jessi of Aspiring-Artistry

I wanted to do my nails this week with Fall colors so I chose orange and gray. I also created a leaf decal to put on my accent nail. To create a decal, you can paint whatever you like free hand onto a plastic baggie. Make sure it\’s the right size for your nail. You should probably do at least 3 coats of polish to make sure it will peel off when it dries. Let it dry overnight and gently peel off 🙂 You can then place it on your nail and gently press it down. Cover with top coat and that\’s it!

2) Julep polish color \”Meryl\”: a nice smoky gray that pairs well with many other colors. Julep makes great quality polishes in so many colors. They are great to experiment with.

Photo by Jessi of Aspiring-Artistry

3) Fall: I am an aspiring photographer and I love to capture photos during the Fall with the leaves changing colors and the weather cooling down. It\’s an awesome time of year.

4) Prisoners: I watched this movie and thought it was a great thriller. If you like those types of movies, you should definitely check it out. It has some twists that will keep you guessing and the actors do a great job in their roles as well.

5) Tide with Febreze Sport: This detergent smells so great and the scent lasts a good while. I love washing my sheets with it. It\’s super relaxing at bedtime to help you sleep. It can be a little pricey so coupons and sales are a great time to buy.



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Jessi is an amateur photographer, avid ebayer and experimenter with all things creative.
Follow Her @ Aspiring-Artistry and check out her recipes, photography, nail art and much more!

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One thought on “5 Things: Fall Inspired Edition (Guest Post)

  1. Jessi, Love the list! It sounds like I need to check out Prisoners. Thanks so much for taking over this week!Readers, Jessi doesn't like to brag but that Fall scene photo recently won her a prize in a contest. Isn't it lovely?


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