Tried it Tuesday: Dr. Scholl\’s Active Series Insoles

Let\’s be candid here, shall we? I am not a fan of insoles. Just not a fan. So, it was a surprise to even me that I agreed to review these puppies let alone actually wear them.

But, yes, I actually wore them and actually rather liked them.

We\’ll start by saying that I am not a runner and prefer to ruin my joints through ballet. However, I do walk (a lot!) and do other things that require super-cute athletic shoes which aren\’t quite so comfy after awhile.

Initially, I thought the stiff arch support would be a little difficult to get used to but soon realized that it fit in the perfect place. The insoles are nice and thin and as I went about my workout routine, I forgot I even had insoles in my shoes.  

What I liked best about the Active Series Insoles is that while the arch support is stiff, the rest of the sole is gel and it provides a nice \”shock absorber\” as you walk. The gel bounces right back after each step and I felt like I had a little extra spring in my step. The resiliency of the gel also gives the impression that the insoles will outlive the shoe itself.

 So, if you are in the market for some insoles, I do recommend giving these a try!

And just so you know, I received this particular item free of charge from without expectation of a positive review.

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