5 Things: October Edition (Guest Post)

hi! i\’m robin, author of these lovely things blog and jenn has so kindly offered to have me guest here on the ajennda : )

1.  mums and headstones. I play around with photography a bit and one of my favorite places to take pics is the cemetery across the street from my house. I love cemeteries (is that weird?), especially old ones and this one has headstones from the 1700\’s. it\’s awesome.

2. crafterina halloweena ballerina super cute digital art print on etsy.
3. U2\’s october i love U2 and this album is super nostalgic.
and the trees are stripped bare of all they wear
what do i care?
and kingdoms rise
and kingdoms fall
but you go on
4. legwarmers! it\’s getting chilly in the dance studio now so how about these super cute leg warmers , by fusco knitwear. available from NYCB ballerina janie taylor\’s rotation dancewear. 
5. masques, from romeo and juliet. marcelo gomes, herman cornejo and carlos lopez being awesome.
so, happy October everyone! hope you enjoyed my post : )  feel free to stop by and visit these lovely things ~ (it\’s mostly about ballet) as i\’m new in the world of blogging and frankly, i could use the traffic ; )


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