Tried it Tuesday: Sunburst Mirror DIY

The minute I moved into my current home I knew it just needed a sunburst mirror. I even knew which wall would be perfect. Unfortunately, though, the mirror itself was so far out of my home decor budget that I did the next best thing and scoured the internet for a DIY and prayed for the best.

The Creative Chickadee had the DIY that seemed the most like what I was envisioning. As it turned out I found all the pieces I needed between Joann\’s Fabric and Michael\’s. Joann\’s turned out to be the best place for the little mirrors and a plate hanger which I used to mount my mirror to the wall.

Mirror with the plate hanger on the back

So, the DIY is awesome! Even a craft dabbler like myself was able to create a piece of art which guests had absolutely no idea was a craft project and not the real thing. My only addition to the original DIY (other than creating my own dowel and mirror patterns) was gluing a round disk of wood (bought at Michael\’s) over the dowels in the back so I was able to use the plate hanger.

Ready to see the finished product?

Not bad, right? And if I can do it, so can you. Seriously! Even if you aren\’t the craftiest of crafters-you can definitely do this one.

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