5 Things: My Favorite Things Edition (Guest Post)

It\’s Nicole LaBonde week here at the ajennda! Fabulous, right? You may have seen her \”What I Learned From Ballet\” post earlier this week. Now check out Nicole\’s \”5 Things\”:

1. Coconut Oil– I might use this too much- in my oatmeal and coffee, in my hair, for baking, for sunscreen…

2. Isagenix– this nutritional company changed my life. Literally. Since using their products (vegan protein shakes and nutritional cleansing), I’ve added lean muscle and finally have the definition I was wishing my lanky dancer body had. My energy is through the roof. And I’m making some extra cash. All wins. And, I do truly use the products everyday. I love them. Not just because I sell them!

3. Pilates– also changed my life. Pilates really saved my back from a painful scoliosis. I recommend it for any dancer looking to: rehab an injury, gain strength without bulk, or improve your alignment. Look for a certified, qualified instructor, not someone who got their cert in a weekend. I recommend Romana’s Pilates instructors.

4. Jeffrey Combs/More Heart than Talentthese podcasts are available every Wednesday. Jeffrey is an amazing speaker and coach, and regularly kicks my butt. If you need some mindset work- to deal with rejection, anxiety, learning to sell, etc.- this is your guy.

5. Hootsuite.com– if you have more than 1 Twitter account, you need this. I have my personal (@niclabonde), plus 2 business accounts (@cabarretfit and @publicpersonaco). I use Hootsuite to schedule tweets. I have some scheduled out through the end of the year! This is a great way to make sure you don’t forget to share your content! Tip- do NOT use it for Facebook. It will negatively affect your Edgerank and your posts will be hidden.

About the Author

Nicole LaBonde wants to live in a world where all women are confident with their voices, bodies and lives. As a multi-preneur, she’s been featured in Business Heroine, Philadelphia Magazine’s BeWell Blog, and multiple ebooks on Health and Fitness topics.
When she’s not running her 4 business, you can find her voraciously reading, listening to podcasts or webinars, usually at the beach!
Her first 10 minute workout— Thigh Toning and Booty Blasting — is now available on CABARRET’s website.
Find out how to work with Nicole at www.nicolelabonde.com.

Published by Jenn R

I write stuff and pretend to be good at crafting. Check out my first novel on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3nAxiZ4

4 thoughts on “5 Things: My Favorite Things Edition (Guest Post)

  1. Excellent 5 Things! I love how you share what you've learned to help others and have cultivated a very unique personal brand. Thanks so much, Nicole!


  2. love the variety of your 5 things. I am a big fan of #4 and #5. I love tuning into a motivational podcast to get my boost for the day and Hootsuite really saves me spending hours on social media.Thanks NicoleLove Peace And BlissAlecia


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