5 Things: Web Surfing Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all are staying warm (unless you live in a tropical destination and then I\’m super jealous right now!). Here\’s what I found interesting this week from around the web:

1) Hot Cocoa Cookies from Brit+Co – These look really neat and would be just perfect for company as Christmas approaches. The simplicity of the icing (translation: I don\’t have to make my own) is also very appealing. She used the canned stuff to make that cool texture!

2) Speaking of cookies, I\’m also leaning toward Fork&Flower\’s Red Velvet Crincle Cookies. This blog just came to my notice this week and I love all the great photographs so if red velvet isn\’t your thing, there are bunches of other great recipes to check out. Now if only I could get my food to look like that…

3) Maria\’s Movers had a really great idea this week for teaching littles in dance class: Counting With Sticks. This is a genius way to introduce them to rhythm and counting time. I love it and I\’m sure the littles did, too!

4) Queen Elizabeth hates that the royal police do a lot of snacking at the palace. \”What? No donuts?\” – was the best joke I could come up with. (Deepest apologies to my family members in law enforcement) This is sort of funny and also something to which most of us could relate. Considering the number of royal police around the palace, that is probably a hefty bill for snacks.

5) SYTYCD\’s Stephen \”tWitch\” Boss and Allison Holker tie the knot. These two seem like very sweet, down to earth people and I wish them all the best! (Can\’t help but also note that SYTYCD is a much better way to meet one\’s spouse than The Bachelor)

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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