5 Things: Hip-Hopping Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and are ready for some fun this weekend. Somehow long weekends still make me long for Friday… what about you?

1) \”Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing\” with Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith. This week Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show and opened on a high note. Kudos to Will Smith for being game to show off his moves in everything but \”twerking.\” (Which looks to me as a cross between a toddler getting his balance and bear scratching against a tree)

2) I do have to admit that I immediately thought of the 70\’s horror flick Night of the Lepus when I first read the headline \”Woman Chased by Rabbits\” but prepare for a hopping swarm of cuteness! These bunnies obviously aren\’t afraid of humans bearing snacks. All together now: \”Awwww!\” 

3) \”To the Bagger at Publix Who Made My Day\” is one of those good news stories of the week. It\’s also very convicting to do more to just make the world a better place for our fellow humans. Lovely!

4) 15 Pilates Moves That Get Results – Pilates is a brilliant way to bounce back from an injury or just to tighten your abs. If you haven\’t tried it already, I highly recommend giving these exercises a go.

5) My sister made the mistake of turning me on to 6pm.com and now I am obsessed with the shoes. Not that it takes a lot to get me excited about shoes but this is above and beyond. (And they have clothing, too.) The prices are really quite reasonable and you know you\’re getting a name brand. Highly recommended!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend!

Published by Jenn R

I write stuff and pretend to be good at crafting. Check out my first novel on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3nAxiZ4

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