Question of the Week #1: Do female choreographers need help?

Q: The ballet world is sadly lacking for female choreographers. What do you think would be a solution?

This is a tough one! 
First, I do think it\’s almost a little insulting that anyone should think this is an issue. It\’s almost like someone feels we women haven\’t come very far in equal rights and need extra help getting ahead in ballet. That\’s a little ridiculous considering ballet was one of the first careers where women could actually succeed based upon merit without worrying about sexism. I don\’t know about you but getting ahead based upon my actual talent and not because I\’m a woman is my goal in ballet.
Actually, any of the women I know who wish to choreograph for ballet actually choreograph for ballet. Albeit it might not be for a major company like PNB or ABT but they are able to show their work because they make their own opportunities if none are available. In fact, where I live, women are the artistic directors and driving forces behind the ballet companies.  
The way I see it, people (regardless of sex) with the talent for choreography (because not every dancer does well in this area) can succeed in the current world in which we live. It just takes the drive and desire to do so.


Okay, Friends, I\’d love to hear your two cents. What do you think about the so-called shortage of female artistic directors and choreographers?

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