Question of the Week #4: Why do you dance?

Q: We all have a driving force behind our art. Who/what specifically is the reason why you dance?

You guys certainly aren\’t going easy on me!

Well, to start, I would say I dance because I have to. For me dance is art, life, sanity, passion and joy combined. It challenges me in ways nothing else can. It\’s like an addiction but so much more in only a way that only other dancers can truly understand.

My faith has a huge part in the motivation behind why I dance as well. I do believe the talent is a gift from God and I use it to show my deepest gratitude for the growth dance has brought me over the years.

Dance is a big way to touch lives. It is a way of demonstrating love and compassion to people (mostly students) who might not experience that in their home lives. And showing them how to use creative expression to be healthy both mentally and physically. That\’s a huge driving force because I really have a heart for people and their individual struggles.

Also, I dance for every girl/young woman who thought they were not good enough/thin enough to dance or simply didn\’t have the finances to take dance classes when they were younger. I feel it\’s my personal mission to show them that anyone with the drive and desire can dance even if it\’s just a hobby.

Lastly, I dance as a legacy for all those people who believed in me and helped me to grow and keep going.

Okay, Friends, who/what drives you to dance? Or to do your particular brand of art/hobby?

And if you have a question you\’d like answered as part of \”Question of the Week,\” send it along in the comment box below or via the contact page.

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