Question of the Week # 8: No coffee? Seriously?

Q: Do you seriously not drink coffee? Are you nuts?

Not drink coffee? Correct. Nuts? Hmmm… that is certainly debatable.
I just never acquired a taste for coffee. Basically, I love the scent of it but it never seems to taste like it smells. Tea is a much more pleasant experience for me and the source of the occasional caffeine fix. 
Admittedly, this doesn\’t stop me from attempting to drink the stuff every once in awhile (generally, when there isn\’t anything else hot to drink). That does mean I have doctored it with more creamer than coffee and in one instance half a packet of hot chocolate mix hoping to get a major dose of caffeine. 
Other than that, I get teased by friends and family (who regularly offer coffee knowing I won\’t accept) but nothing so far has made me into a coffee drinker… obligatory or otherwise. 

What about you, friends? Are you a coffee addict or have you sworn off the stuff?

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