Question of the Week #10: Least favorite trends?

Q: What current trends don\’t you like?

This is a good question! Full disclosure: I\’ll admit that trends usually take awhile to grow on me simply because I\’m inundated with people all doing the same thing. As a creative person that just sounds like a major \”no-no.\” 
I can say three current trends that (in my opinion) cannot go away quickly enough:
Bacon in/on everything. I can\’t tell you how many times I get dessert recipes where the secret ingredient is bacon (not to mention everything else from pizza to martinis). It\’s time to come up with something new and a little more healthful. 
The \”Selfie.\” Admittedly, I don\’t expect this one to go away but a girl can dream. They scare me a little, though, because people are taking them while driving now. Yikes! 
Animated GIFS. These would not have been annoying except that they seem to have taken on a new life entirely in the past few months. Now they are everywhere including news websites.

Readers, what trends could you do without? 

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