Tried it Tuesday: Coppertone ClearlySheer Sunscreen

A few weeks ago I was asked to give Coppertone\’s newest line of ClearlySheer sunscreen products a try. The thought of trying the new product was pretty exciting considering it promised a pleasant (non-coconut!) fragrance and quick absorption into the skin. I tend to avoid sunscreen because I don\’t like smelling like the stuff unless I\’m actually at the pool and usually just cover up instead.
ClearlySheer was a pleasant surprise. Not only does the scent smell like a light fragrance (the sunny days version reminds me a little of Cool Water) or bodywash, the product absorbs very quickly into the skin. My skin even had a healthy, moisturized glow to it after the second use. I also have sensitive skin and ClearlySheer was definitely not a problem here. It improved the appearance overall rather than caused irritation. So, if you\’re in the market for some new sunscreen this year, I\’d recommend you give it a try.  
Note: If you\’re interested in giving one of the ClearlySheer products a try, head to their website for a coupon. 
P.S. If you\’re interested in trying new products and spreading to word about the good stuff, you can become a BzzAgent just like me. (They are the good people who provided Coppertone\’s ClearlySheeer sunscreen without expectation of a positive review) It\’s free to sign up not to mention a lot of fun!

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