50 things to do this Summer

So, you may have noticed that yours truly likes to make lists. (A side effect of the brain fatigue/short term selective memory of a busy, creative person) Well, now seemed like a great time to figure out a rough draft of all the things I want to do before Summer is gone. Here\’s what I came up with (and thought you might enjoy, too!):

  1. Call/e-mail an old friend or faraway relative to catch up.
  2. Invite friends to a barbecue for no particular reason. 
  3. Check out a local business/eatery I have never tried before.
  4. Have a ladies\’ Julep night with Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bites
  5. Plant something. (and actually remember to water it!)
  6. Make new outfits with existing wardrobe and accessories. 
  7. Spend a day watching a couple of hours worth of 30 Rock on Netflix.
  8. Google things to do with fabric scraps
  9. Stop and smell the roses. Literally. 
  10. Take a picnic lunch to the park. 
  11. Tell my parents I appreciate them… and why.
  12. Make some Double Chocolate Chip Muffins and share with friends.
  13. Read Katie Cross\’ book Miss Mabel\’s School for Girls. 
  14. Get a gel manicure (for the first time). 
  15. Attain the goal of doing one \”real\” push-up. (Just one would be impressive enough)
  16. Try to make Rosemary Chickpea Fries.
  17. Keep the writing skills sharp by using OneWord prompts.
  18. Have an un-birthday party with cake and party favors!
  19. Make some giant floor pillows.
  20. Take a dance class in a technique I\’ve never tried before. 
  21. Write an anonymous letter of encouragement to someone.
  22. Offer to do some shopping/chores for an elderly neighbor.
  23. Buy a coloring book and some crayons for some \”art therapy.\”
  24. Take a photograph of something different everyday.
  25. Go \”rock hounding\” with nieces and nephews.
  26. Write a poem about some of the photographs in #22.
  27. Call a store where I shopped to give kudos for good service. 
  28. Re-read Pride and Prejudice.
  29. Read at least one friend\’s blog per day and actually take the time to comment.
  30. Discover new podcasts via iTunes or Soundcloud.
  31. Make a bouquet of paper flowers for someone special who has allergies. 
  32. Surprise a neighbor with a bottle of wine or a baked good.
  33. Donate new copies of favorite childhood books to an organization that helps needy children.
  34. Learn some Chinese.
  35. Spend a day in my pajamas.
  36. Introduce nieces and nephews to the cartoons I enjoyed at their age. 
  37. Buy upholstery fabric to update dining room chairs
  38. Try cutting costs by shopping for household items at a dollar store.
  39. Host an afternoon tea with a homemade orange bundt cake.
  40. Take at least one day where I don\’t check e-mail or social media.
  41. Sit down and read the Sunday edition of the newspaper cover to cover.
  42. Catch up on episodes of Welcome to Night Vale.
  43. Watch some interesting TED talks
  44. Attempt sewing a clothing pattern.
  45. Turn old vases into faux mercury glass.
  46. Offer to babysit for a busy mom while she runs errands.
  47. Give more serious thought (viewing time) to all the hype over Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.
  48. Organize old family photos and send copies to family member who might enjoy them.
  49. Buy a canvas and paint to make some wall art.
  50. Test drive a car I have always wanted to drive (whether or not I can afford to buy it).

What\’s on your to-do list this Summer?

Published by Jenn R

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