A thank you note to my father

Dear Babbo,

Happy Father\’s Day!

After thirty- *cough* years I\’m more grateful than ever that you\’re my father, friend, personal mechanic and all-around interesting conversationalist. I know that over the decades I have not said \”thank you\” enough and so I would like to take the opportunity to do so now.

Thank you for… your generosity.

Whatever the need there was not a time when you did not jump to the rescue without giving a second thought to any sacrifices on your end. In fact, you would probably downplay any sacrifice knowing that someone needed something more than you did at the moment. This is why you are my generosity role model in addition to being one heck of a superhero. (Batman has nothing on you!)

Thank you for… being a sounding board.

How many times have I just needed to talk something through (about life, work, home repairs…) and you were more than willing to participate? Probably enough times to earn a therapist\’s salary. You tend to give excellent advice when asked and never seem to mind being called upon for which I am deeply grateful.

Thank you for… your consistency.

Flaky artists (myself at the top of the list) can struggle with this but you are always steady and consistent. You don\’t allow trivialities to divert your intention. It\’s not boring. It\’s admirable because it means you\’re dependable and comforting.

Thank you for… the laughs.

A lot of the fondest memories over the years include a lot of laughter. The teasing was always in good fun and as kids we reveled in the inside jokes (\”Billy!!\”) that made us feel loved and included. You also know how to keep the mood light where necessary and lived the example of not taking oneself too seriously. Both are so important as we age and stress levels seem to increase as a result. Laughter is good medicine!

Thank you for… the rides.

Some of my favorite memories with you involve car travel. (Usually you were coming to the rescue!) Not only did we have the best tête-à-tête conversations, but also the sense of security you give by simply being the one at the wheel is something I will never forget. The sight of your car arriving all those times a car broke down or there was an emergency always took the stress level down several notches. And the car trips for vacation or lifts to work were always fun and relaxing knowing you were at the helm. 

Thank you for… being supportive.

And for being \”OK\” with all the ballet/dance stuff… and for sitting through the performances and recitals. (Heck, for even showing up at the college modern dance performances which were probably out in left field in comparison to Peter and the Wolf.) I appreciate you playing chauffeur for early Saturday morning classes and rehearsals and for supporting my choice of study in college even though so many people said it would never go anywhere.

Love you, Babbo!

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