5 Things: Wedding Season Edition

 Happy Friday! Hope you all are enjoying a nice week and still managing to stay cool. Summer hasn\’t been too brutal in this neck of the woods (so far) and I hope it\’s the same for you!

Here we go with \”5 Things\”:

1) It\’s wedding season. I\’ll be candid and say I\’m not a huge fan of weddings. Generally it\’s because of the sheer volume of wedding invites this time of year. (Bless those of you who dare to be wed in-say-October!) But these stories are pretty funny and can make great conversation starters with table-mates whom you don\’t know (yet): \”The Business of Romance\” and \”10 Things You Won\’t Believe Happened at Weddings I\’ve Planned\” from the Huffington Post along with \”13 Real Wedding Disasters\” from The Guardian.They are also great to read if your wedding didn\’t go exactly as planned because these stories certainly take the cake!

2) And when I type \”wedding season\” this is what I really think of:

3) This week a friend and I happened across an article about how some students in North Korea are into a South Korean TV drama (a major no-no in the North) and that the country is considering some BBC shows for mass viewing. Which led to the question: What do they watch on North Korean television? Sure, I had some idea (thanks to 30 Rock) but here\’s an article about what North Koreans actually do for entertainment. It really puts things into perspective.

4) Looking for a new breakfast treat or something to grab on the way out the door to work or some summer fun? I\’m a new fan of these Apple oatmeal muffins which aren\’t even chocolate but still quite good. (Oatmeal happens to be another favorite food) The ingredients are also things that I tend to keep in the house on a regular basis making them easy to whip up on a whim.

5) Last but not least if this video from BalletX doesn\’t make you smile this week, nothing will! In addition to their dancers, BalletX also got the folks of Philadelphia dancing, too:

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend… and talk to someone interesting at that wedding on Saturday!

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