5 Things: Technically difficult edition

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are staying cool. This week was fraught with \”technical difficulties\” in my corner of the world. Fortunately, they were resolved in time to bring you this week\’s \”5 Things!\” Here they are:

1) This video has been all over the web and this week I finally watched it. Kind of mean (I\’m glad I don\’t know I mother and daughter like this!) but mostly funny and a reminder that some things don\’t have to be a big deal. If you\’re a guy, you probably won\’t like this one. Sorry. \”Mic drop.\”

2) Every time I have \”technical difficulties\” I blame someone for searching for \”Google\” in Google and breaking the Internet. It\’s not a joke! 🙂

3) I actually want to recommend the show Sherlock from the BBC (He qualifies as technically difficult) but this video is pretty funny if you like Sherlock and grew up watching Blue\’s Clues. My favorite episode so far of the actual Sherlock show is Season 3 Episode 2 \”The Sign of Three.\” It\’s rather sweet actually with a very clever mystery to be solved. Highly recommended!

4) If you\’re a dancer or an athlete odds are you know the value of Epsom Salt. Here are actually 10 Surprising Uses for Epsom Salt that I didn\’t even know existed!

5) With blueberries in season I have been obsessed with putting them on my morning oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon on top (no sugar!). The blueberries and oats are a great source of fiber and the cinnamon is a wonderful way to add flavor and balance your blood sugar. Yum!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Published by Jenn R

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