5 Things: Do a lot of dance edition

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a good week or at the very least that it\’s good now because it\’s Friday. TGIF! Here are the things I found interesting this week:

1) This week\’s SYTYCD was pretty phenomenal which is why I had to share! This Mandy Moore choreography was really wonderful. I was blown away by the solemnity of the dance and yet how it lived up to Mandy\’s standard of \”powerful.\” All the girls were so strong this week and it was sad to see two of them go home!

2) And choreographer Travis Wall also blew me away with this one! (Someone give this man an Emmy.) I had watched the show with my Mum and we were both speechless throughout this performance. The ending (as you\’ll see) is nothing short of genius.

3) And for you Hip Hop fans, Valerie and Ricky\’s duet this week was really impressive. Phar Side and Phoenix created an interesting theme, too!

4) Michelle (AKA @MethodsOfDance) shared this great photo of a dance book from the 1980\’s. Flashbacks!

5) So sorry to those on a summer diet but this Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake recipe is fantastic! Basically, any excuse to eat cheese and chocolate and I\’m there. Yum!

Okay, that\’s all for now! Have a wonderful weekend!

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