5 Things: What a week! edition

Happy Friday! Of course, it\’s been a bit of a rough week. In addition to school starting in this corner of the world we lost two great actors: Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams.

1) One of my favorite Lauren Bacall roles is from the film How to Marry a Millionaire. (Yes, that\’s Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe with her.) A fun film if you\’re looking for something to remember her by this weekend.

2) While The Birdcage isn\’t necessarily my favorite Robin Williams film, this scene is pretty spectacular for a dancer nerd like myself. I do secretly wish they would have thrown in some Wigman for good measure but this is wonderful, nonetheless. Enjoy!

3) If you\’re like me, you probably never thought you\’d see \”healthy\” and \”donut\” in the same sentence. But here are Brit+Co\’s \”I Can\’t Believe These Are Healthy Donuts!\” (Yours truly has a donut maker which is sadly under-used… until now.)

4) My latest favorite body wash is St. Ives\’ Purifying Sea Salt Body Wash. It\’s mild, smells nice and leaves the skin feeling soft. And (if you\’re allergic to everything like me) it\’s great to know this particular product won\’t cause skin irritation. Highly recommended!

5) Lastly, the death (suicide) of Robin Williams is a good time to talk about depression. If you\’re struggling with depression, please, get help. Crisis Call Center, Crisis Support, The National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-TALK) are all free and available 24-hours a day.  

Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Published by Jenn R

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